A dangerous situation for one Victoria dog walker has conservation officers warning the public about potentially aggressive deer. 

According to the B.C. Conservation Officer Service, a woman walking a small dog near Shelbourne and Cedar Hill Cross Road was chased by an irate doe Monday.

Conservation officer Scott Norris says the woman was stalked for well over five minutes before she was able to elude the large doe by hiding behind a parked car.

“We have lots of does out there and they are protecting their fawns,” Norris told CTV News.

The Capital Region’s robust urban deer population has often produced dangerous situations when the spring fawning season begins.

“Even small dogs are perceived as a major threat,” said Norris. “We have had does stomp on people's dogs.”

Vancouver Island conservation officers are issuing a stern warning to dog walkers in light of this weeks near-miss.

C.O.’s say if a deer and fawn are spotted dog walkers should immediately avoid the area, turn around, or pick up the dog if possible.

If an aggressive deer begins attacking a pet, conservation officers urge owners to not engage the animal, as past situations have ended with humans being kicked and badly injured.

If an aggressive deer is spotted in your neighbourhood, you're asked to call the conservation RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277.