VANCOUVER -- Mounties in Nanaimo say they've received a dozen different reports of vehicles broken into along a rural road in the last month.

The road in question, Nanaimo River Road, is a popular spot for hikers headed into the backcountry to park their vehicles. Nanaimo RCMP said in a news release that most of the vehicles broken into were parked overnight while their owners were camping.

One night saw three vehicles targeted, police said, noting that all of the vehicles were locked and the thieves smashed multiple windows to get inside. One of the vehicles had every single window smashed, police said.

The thieves doing the smashing aren't only targeting vehicles in which valuables are visible, either, police said. They said owners have reported items "of limited value" being stolen.

RCMP described the road as rural and "largely unlit" and said it sees limited use overnight, "making it an ideal area for thieves to target."

"Outdoor enthusiasts accessing the backcountry overnight may want to consider being dropped off to avoid leaving their vehicle undefended," police said.