VICTORIA -- The B.C. government has introduced new requirements for residents returning to the province from abroad during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

B.C. Premier John Horgan announced Wednesday that returning residents will be required to fill out a form explaining in detail their self-isolation plan before being allowed into the province.

"Although we welcome home all of those travellers, we also are asking them to join with all of us in the battle that we've been waging together in the past number of weeks," Horgan said.

The premier said passengers returning by aircraft will be provided the form while on the plane.

"This is not just a suggestion" Horgan said. "It is a directive."

Travellers can also fill out the form online prior to their return.

If returning residents can't provide a plan, they will be moved to a quarantine site, Horgan said.

"If there is not a self-isolation plan, a quarantine site will be prepared and made available to those individuals until they can get themselves together," the premier said.

Anyone returning to B.C. is advised not to stop for groceries or anything else on their way home from the border or airport. 

This week will see the final commercial flights between Victoria and Seattle before all international traffic in and out of the Victoria airport is grounded. 

The province says all residents' self-isolation plans will be registered online and followed up on by health officials. Failure to provide a self-isolation plan could net residents significant fines, according to the province.

Anyone entering Canada must already self-isolate for 14 days.

The premier made the announcement just hours after his government announced the closure of all provincial parks to visitors.

The government also warned residents to avoid all gatherings over the Easter long weekend and upcoming religious holidays.