Twenty-eight new townhomes for low-income residents and those with developmental disabilities will be built in Nanaimo, the province announced Thursday.

B.C.'s housing ministry said it would provide $4.9 million for the project, with land provided by the Nanaimo Association for Community Living.

“It’s going to help them achieve their ultimate goals of whatever they want to do,” said NACL executive director Graham Morry.

The townhouses will be built at 3245 Uplands Dr. and will feature 12 accessible rentals at $500 per month, 14 one-bedroom homes at $880 per month and a live-in manager's suite.

“I am really really happy,” said future tenant Leanne Fraser on Thursday. “I’ll be gaining independence, gaining skills and I’m really really ready to actually live in my own place.”

The townhouses include shared spaces like a group kitchen, social lounge and dining room where residents can gather for weekly dinners.

"This is a wonderful response to a very specific and real need in our community for suitable housing that simply isn't available," Nanaimo Mayor Leonard Krog said in a statement.

The project is being built by Victoria-based Knappett Projects, whose HR and safety manager emphasized the company's track record of safety and regulatory compliance.

"The way we do things includes shared practices with a safety attitude creating a culture between our workers to look out for each other, report all hazards while minimizing risks and creating a positive safety culture," said Knappett's Cori Coutts.

The townhouses will be move-in ready by summer 2020, the ministry said.