The lone wolf of Discovery Island won’t be so lonesome anymore after the province reopened the area to the public this week.

The B.C. provincial park just east of Oak Bay was closed last fall after a family reported a close encounter with the coastal grey wolf, which has been known to reside there for at least four years.

The family was visiting the island in September and said the wolf appeared to be stalking their dog, which wasn’t permitted to be on the island, but they left without incident.

Those who have tracked the wolf’s behaviour for years say it was likely just curious of the dog and wasn’t acting aggressive.

Conservation officers then recommended the province shut down the island to the public to give the wolf some privacy.

Discovery Island reopened Monday for day-use only, but dogs and other pets are still not permitted.

BC Parks says rangers and conservation officers will be patrolling regularly to educate the public and monitor the area.

Wolves are generally shy of people, but can become habituated and may approach camping areas and visitors, according to BC Parks.

Anyone who encounters a wolf is asked to report it to the BC Conservation Officer Service’s 24-hour hotline at 1-877-952-7277. More information on wolf safety is available on BC Parks' website.