VICTORIA -- B.C. doctors say that people who are feeling ill are still welcome to contact their local physicians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Doctors are now providing care to patients using telephone or video during the pandemic.

The use of virtual care allows patients to receive medical care from their own doctor while practicing physical distancing and self-isolating.

Not only will these new remote measures protect patients, but they will also allow doctors to continue to treat patients during the pandemic. 

Doctors say they are still able to provide in-person care when necessary, and that physicians can still refer patients to specialists if needed.

Although the virus is top of mind for physicians, doctors say you can still see your doctor for non-virus related issues.

“There’s a misconception that patients shouldn’t contact their doctors for routine appointments or non-COVID-19 related illness right now—absolutely they should,” said Dr. Kathleen Ross, president of Doctors of BC.

To set up an appointment with a doctor, patients should call their doctor's office as they normally would, and refrain from dropping in.

All virtual visits are covered by MSP and there are no costs for the remote service.