VICTORIA - Red-light cameras will now be operating full time at 140 intersections in British Columbia that have some of the highest crash rates.

The provincial government says the round-the-clock monitoring is up from six hours a day in the effort to reduce deaths and serious injuries at those intersections.

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth says there were 350,000 crashes in the province last year - a record high - and about 60 per cent of those were in intersections.

He says full activation of the cameras is overdue and an important step for safety on some of B.C.'s busiest roadways.

The vehicle's registered owner is responsible for the ticket even if they aren't driving, but they won't receive penalty points on their licence.

The government announced plans in March to add the intersection cameras to ticket the fastest drivers passing through on red, yellow or green lights.

An ICBC map shows the locations of red-light cameras in B.C., including the six found on Vancouver Island: