VICTORIA -- A Vancouver Island business owner has been doing damage control after his business was mistakenly identified online as a business that has been linked to a violent hate crime – which took place in Alberta.

Two employees of a barbershop in Brentwood, a suburb of Calgary, are being investigated by the Calgary Police Service, after attacking a male same sex couple on a street.

On Vancouver Island, Rick Tetreault has owned the Brentwood Barber Shop in Brentwood Bay for 20 years. Now he’s concerned his reputation is at stake.

“I’m the owner of the Brentwood Barber Shop in British Columbia,” said Tetreault.

He wants to be very clear about that, after receiving an ominous call on Tuesday, Aug. 4, from an unknown woman.

“I received a call from a lady stating that I won’t be owning my business much longer and that I’m basically going to get what’s coming to me,” said Tetreault.

He thought it was a scam but asked her why she was saying such terrible things about his business. That’s when she provided him with a link to a news article out of Calgary about the alleged assault.

“Essentially there was more and more about the Brentwood Barber Shop in Calgary,” said Tetreault. “I got pretty afraid because, you know, we shared the name.”

Then, things got worse. Internet trolls began leaving him poor reviews online.

“I kept looking and it just got worse and I starting ramping myself up with all this worry about how much it’s going to destroy my business,” said Tetreault.

One of his loyal customers also got pulled into the drama. Last month, Darin Reimer gave the Brentwood Barber Shop a five star review online.

“Just a few days ago I got tagged on a post. Someone tagged me confusing this barber shop with one in Calgary,” said Reimer.

“I immediately messaged that person saying, I think you’re mixing Rick up with someone else,” he said.

Tetreault says after putting out many fires, the phone calls have now stopped and the poor reviews have been removed. He’s hoping there is no lasting damage to his reputation.

He also says he holds no resentment towards those who targeted him.

“I don’t blame the people that sent me these messages because they’re angry and they’re angry at the person,” said Tetreault. “Unfortunately, now I’m the vessel to point their anger at.”

Tetreault says he just wants to set the record straight. His Brentwood Barber Shop is not the one in question and is located in the province of British Columbia.