VICTORIA -- Another flight into Victoria has prompted a COVID-19 exposure warning from the BC Centre for Disease Control.

An Air Canada flight from Toronto is the third Victoria-bound flight to be added this week to the centre’s list of flights with known COVID-19 cases on board.

Passengers in rows 17-23 aboard Air Canada flight 195 from Toronto on Oct. 15 are advised to self-isolate and monitor for symptoms of the coronavirus.

On Monday, two WestJet flights from Calgary to Victoria were added to the BCCDC’s COVID-19 list.

The first flight was on Oct. 10, with passengers seated in rows 5-11 affected. The second flight was the following day, Oct. 11, with passengers seated in rows 1-7 affected. Both flights were numbered 195.

Health officials are advising passengers who develop symptoms of COVID-19 to contact their local health authority to determine whether a COVID-19 test is necessary.