A second parent has come forward with concerns about the actions of an educational assistant who was fired by School District 68 and arrested by the RCMP.

The mother says the man took her son, who has special needs, to a park on four occasions, including once for a fishing trip but other times to allegedly view pornography.

“He (my son) knows right from wrong but he can be very easily persuaded to do something he shouldn’t do,” said the mother, whom CTV News has agreed not to identify. “For an EA to do this to my son or any child is not OK at all.”

The concerned parent contacted CTV News after another parent came forward with similar concerns.

The mother says the educational assistant gave her son gifts and took him on road trips for lunch.

“The only reason my son didn’t want to come forward is he thought he was going to be arrested,” the mother said.

She says she brought her concerns to school district officials, who then contacted the RCMP. She says police have interviewed her son about his dealings with the man.

She says she wants to see stricter regulations for EAs, similar to what teachers face.

“They don’t have licences, so if this man does not get charged, he can just not put this on his resumé and get a job in a different school,” she said. “That kills me inside.”

An educator with the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre is offering advice to parents who may find their child in similar situations.

“First and foremost, it’s important to ensure that when a child or student or youth comes forward about impacts of this nature, that they are met with belief,” said Laura Velasquez, a co-director at the centre.

“That can sound like, ‘I’m glad that you told me. I’m very sorry that this happened. I want you to know that it’s not your fault,’” Velasquez said.

She added that while students are taught about so-called “stranger danger,” they aren’t always taught precautions around people they may already know.

“When it comes to people they know and they trust, that sometimes engage in this behaviour, they are often confused of what to do next because they either care for that person or have relationships,” she said.

The RCMP are continuing their investigation. No charges have been laid and the man was released with conditions shortly after his arrest.