Ancestral human remains were discovered underneath a home slated for demolition in Cadboro Bay, according to the Provincial Archeological Service.

The remains were found under a home on Killarney Drive as it was being torn down to make way for a new structure. Investigators have deemed them an archeological discovery, but it wasn't immediately clear how long they had been there for.

The Provincial Archeological Service said the person who died was likely Aboriginal. It has been in contact with local First Nations and archeologists for further investigation.

"The property owner immediately ceased work and secured the remains from further impacts. He has been in contact with the local First Nations, archaeologists, and Archaeology Branch," said an agency spokesperson. "The intent now is to ensure the ancestral remains can be secured and safely excavated in keeping with the wishes of the local First Nations.”

The BC Coroner's Service and Saanich police are no longer involved in the case, which has been turned over to the Provincial Archeological Service.

The house was reportedly built in 1949.