Complaints continue to pour in to Victoria City Hall about illegal short-term rentals as officials work on an enforcement plan.

One of those complainants, Melanie Wood, said she was excited about her family’s new neighbourhood – until she discovered the other half of her duplex was being used as an Airbnb rental.

“That’s turned into a revolving door of new people almost every day,” said Wood.

It’s a residential neighbourhood and Wood says the duplex is not zoned for short-term rentals.

She tried tolerating it, but after one too many loud parties she says she’s had enough.

“We’ve had large groups of young gentlemen, which was this last weekend, and they weren’t here to be quiet and knit,” she said.

Wood filed a complaint with the city, which says its bylaw team has been busy with similar complaints.

“The city currently has 18 active files open on short-term vacation rentals where the allegations are that they’re operating in contravention of the zoning regulations,” said Victoria City Clerk Chris Coates.

CTV News reached out to the owner of the Airbnb property who said they were aware of neighbours’ complaints.

They’ve promised to not take any more Airbnb guests after the month of August and also said they have yet to hear from the city regarding the complaints.

Enforcement of short-term rental bylaw in the capital city is complain-driver, but that may change soon.

The city has asked staff to look into how it can more proactively enforce bylaws surrounding short-term rentals.

The city has also urged the province to tax vacation rentals in the same way hotels are taxed.

Council is voting next month whether to tighten the rules surrounding short-term rentals.

With a report from CTV Vancouver Island's Robert Buffam