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Air ambulance called to crash that gridlocked traffic near Qualicum Beach

The crash occurred after 11 a.m. Wednesday. (CTV News) The crash occurred after 11 a.m. Wednesday. (CTV News)

First responders in the Oceanside area had a busy Wednesday, responding to four motor vehicle crashes within the space of a few short hours.

The most serious crash occurred shortly after 11 a.m. when a southbound car collided with the back end of a transport truck.

The impact severely damaged the front end of the car, requiring the driver to be extracted.

The crash occurred after 11 a.m. Wednesday. (CTV News)

"The highway was shut down for a short period of time while transport was arranged for the occupants by air ambulance. The other person was transported by ground ambulance to hospital," said Sgt. Shane Worth of the Oceanside RCMP.

"My understanding from the investigators on scene are that the injuries are not life-threatening," he said.

The crash occurred after 11 a.m. Wednesday. (CTV News)

Wesley Howerton was among those motorists stuck in a lineup that stretched for several kilometers waiting for the highway to reopen.

"It probably happened about a minute before we got here," he said. "I hope for the best for everyone involved."

The crash occurred after 11 a.m. Wednesday. (CTV News)

Three other crashes followed shortly afterwards, including one about a kilometre to the north of that serious rear-end. A sudden burst of bad weather is catching some of the blame.

"We did have a quick weather [event] up on the highway involving some snow and hail, which obviously seems to have caught some people off-guard, and that's likely a contributing factor in those crashes today," Worth said.

RCMP are reminding all drivers to slow down and use extra caution during poor conditions.

"The advice is just slow down, take your time and give yourself lots of room in front," said Worth.

"Always make sure that your vehicle is well maintained and your tires are good, your windshield wipers are working," he added. Top Stories


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