NANAIMO, B.C. - A British Columbia Supreme Court jury in Nanaimo has found a man guilty of two counts each of first-degree murder and attempted murder in a shooting at a Vancouver Island sawmill two years ago.

Kevin Addison used a sawed-off shotgun to kill two former co-workers and injure two others at the Western Forest Products facility on April 30, 2014.

Over the three-week trial, the Crown argued revenge motivated Addison to carry out the attack against Western Forest Products after he was laid off in 2008 and not rehired two years later.

Mill employees Michael Lunn and Fred McEachern died in the shooting, while Tony Sudar and Earl Kelly were shot but survived.

The trial heard that Lunn was shot in the back of his right arm shortly after arriving in the mill's parking lot at 7 a.m.

Crown lawyer Nic Barber told the court Addison then entered the company office and fired the gun at Sudar's face before shooting McEachern and Kelly in the back.

McEachern used a chair to hit Addison over the head before dying from his gunshot wound, Barber said.

Addison's defence lawyer John Gustafson told the jury that there was little doubt his client fired the gun that killed Michael Lunn and Fred McEachern, but that the attack wasn't premeditated or intentional and therefore didn't qualify as first-degree murder.

He urged the jury to find his client guilty of manslaughter instead.

Gustafson said Addison's violent behaviour was out of character and the result of the severe depression he had been diagnosed with three months before the shooting.

During his summary of the trial, the judge reminded the jury that Addison admitted to killing his two former colleagues using a shotgun he carried to the mill site concealed in the right pant leg of his jeans through a hole he cut in his pocket.

Addison testified that he never intended to kill anyone, only to intimidate and cause injury, Baird summarized for the jurors.

The jury began deliberating Tuesday afternoon.