Members of the Western Vancouver Island Industrial Heritage Society are happy to see two suspected vandals trying to make amends for damage done last week to Port Alberni's heritage railcars. 

"Hopefully it's a lesson learned," said volunteer conductor Bill Walker on Wednesday.

"You're responsible for your actions and if you do something like this. You have to be responsible for it."

Walker has been tasked with supervising two Port Alberni teenagers who were allegedly caught in the act of vandalizing two railcars.

The pair were arrested at the scene after they discharged fire extinguishers in the cars and smashed out several windows, resulting in more than $6,000 in damage. According to police.

The teens' mothers insisted that their sons own up to their actions and volunteer to clean up the mess at the heritage railyard.

"Today it's too easy to pay the fine or whatever you do," Walker said.

Last week's vandalism marked the third time heritage equipment was damaged at the site, according to society president Pete Geddes.

"It's very frustrating, very upsetting," Geddes said. "You do this work to get things going and try to have a decent product and then it gets vandalized and wrecked."

Geddes believes there was a third person involved with the vandalism but so far that person hasn't been identified. The pair will make their first court appearances on mischief charges in the coming months.