VICTORIA -- Six men from Calgary have been charged with assault with a weapon and kidnapping after a man was allegedly taken from a Victoria home and beaten outside the city.

Victoria police patrol officers were called to a residential suite in the 1300-block of Hillside Avenue shortly before 11 p.m. Monday for a complaint about a loud domestic dispute.

Once on scene, police learned there had not been a domestic dispute, but rather a resident had been assaulted with a weapon and kidnapped from the suite by six men.

Investigators say the perpetrators put the man in a vehicle and drove him outside the city while assaulting him with weapons.

"Eventually, the suspects stopped the vehicle outside of Victoria and the victim was able to escape," Victoria police said in a statement Thursday afternoon.

The victim called police and was transported to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Victoria police arrested three suspects in the case on Tuesday and the remaining three on Wednesday.

Investigators say this is a targeted incident and do not believe there is a wider risk to the public.

All of the accused are from Calgary and are charged with one count each of kidnapping and assault with a weapon.

Police named those charged as Miles Anton Brown, 27; William Ricardo Miranda, 28; Steven Claude Pellerin, 24; Anthony Tootoosis, 28; Jeff Robert Mcdonald, 27; and Jenner Boguen, 26.