A Vancouver Island realtor is luring in prospective buyers with the internet’s latest obsession: Pokemon Go.

Realtor Ira Willey, a self-confessed gaming fan, held an open house over the weekend for a 6,300-square-foot, three-bedroom home with basement suite in Saanich.

And while he says the house, listed at $578,000, will sell itself, there’s a bonus for anyone who has the urge to catch ‘em all.

“There’s a Pokegym right around the corner and it’s actually reachable just from the bedroom window,” Willey said.

With 10 Pokestops in walking distance, the area is a veritable hotbed for Pokemon activity – a detail Willey made sure to include in the property listing.

And now that the buzzworthy mobile game has been officially released in Canada, there is no shortage of people wanting to play.

“It started out as a little bit of a joke, then it took on a life of its own, and it’s helping generate some press for an amazing house in an amazing neighbourhood,” Willey says. “There was one person playing it as they were in the house, and then I’ve been seeing a lot of people walking by playing the game.”

While he doesn’t think Pokemon proximity will be a dealmaker, Willey says the listing is getting people talking on social media.

A Reddit thread dedicated to the listing garnered dozens of comments, with some finding it hard to believe Pokemon Go players and home buyers could be one and the same.

“Because millennials are totally the ones who are looking/able to buy houses right now,” one commenter remarked.

“I have 3 gyms & 100+ Pokestops within 15 minutes of me…can I add an extra 75k to the price?” another asked.

The early success of Nintendo's latest venture has been nothing short of phenomenal, quickly becoming one of the most-downloaded apps in the world.

Police forces across the country have sounded warnings following reports of people finding themselves in dangerous situations while trying to catch Pokemon.

Last week, police in Vancouver and Richmond cautioned residents against stepping into traffic or walking without looking.

Other bizarre cases involving the game include police in a New Hampshire city trying to lure criminals with a rare Charizard, and users being banned from catching Pokemon at the Auschwitz holocaust memorial.