VICTORIA -- The BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) has added two flights which recently touched down in Victoria to its list of potential COVID-19 exposure sites.

One flight connected Toronto to Victoria while the other brought passengers from Calgary.

Passengers aboard both flights are asked to monitor for symptoms of COVID-19, particularly if they were in specific rows listed below.

The first flight, Air Canada 195, landed in Victoria from Toronto on Jan. 10. Passengers in rows 1 to 4 are at a higher risk of possible exposure to the disease, according to the BCCDC. 

The second flight, WestJet 227, touched down in Victoria from Calgary on Jan.11. Passengers in rows 11 to 17 are at the most risk. 

Anyone aboard these flights who is showing COVID-19 symptoms should immediately call 811 to see if a test is required. 

The latest information on B.C. flight exposures can be found on the BCCDC website.