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103-year-old Victoria man nears goal of 103 laps around home for Ukrainian children

Second World War veteran John Hillman has just completed his ninth day of fundraising for the Save The Children charity, in support of children in war-torn Ukraine.

The 103-year-old Oak Bay, B.C., man completed 90 laps around the courtyard of his home on Thursday, and plans to finish the remaining 13 on Friday.

"It's gone very well I think," said Hillman.

"It was quite easy on me and that saves me up for tomorrow because I have to do three extra laps tomorrow," he said. "I have to do 13 to make up for the 103."

So far, Hillman has raised more than $67,500 for Save The Children. He hopes to raise as much as $103,000 to mark his 103rd birthday.

"Please come along and help," he said. "The more the merrier and we'll continue to collect contributions even after we've finished the 103 walks tomorrow."

Hillman was joined by other walkers on Thursday, including another centenarian, Peter Lake, who's also a Second World War veteran who lives in Oak Bay.

This year marks the third time that Hillman has walked around his home for charity. Over the past two years, he's walked 101 laps and 102 laps around his home in recognition of those respective birthdays, and to raise money for Save The Children.

During those two previous walks, more than $200,000 were raised.

Hillman's fundraiser for this year can be found on the Save The Children website Top Stories


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