VICTORIA -- A 102-year-old Second World War veteran is planning to walk laps around his retirement home courtyard in Oak Bay, Vancouver Island, to help fundraise for children in need during the pandemic.

In spring 2020, veteran John Hillman walked around his retirement home 101 times, after being inspired by Cpt. Tom Moore, another Second World War Veteran who was walking around his home in the U.K. to fundraise for the country's National Health Service.

Both men have earned a Burma Star, and both men raised a significant amount of money for charity. Last year, Hillman raised more than $169,000 for Save the Children, which offers supports for children in need and their families.

Next week, Hillman plans to take on the challenge again, this time walking around his retirement home 102 times in honour of his birthday, which happened in March.

"At 102 years of age, I am glad to say I am still around, fit and enthusiastic," Hillman said in a statement Monday.

"I’m looking forward to my 102 trips around the Carlton House residence courtyard," he said. "Many thanks to those of you who supported the children in 2020 and I encourage you to continue your good work again in 2021."

Hillman will begin his fundraising campaign on June 28 at roughly 10 a.m. He plans to walk 10 laps around his retirement home every day until his goal is complete.

Anyone interested in cheering him on is welcome to watch at Carlton House in Oak Bay. Organizers ask that supporters wear masks and keep physically distanced at all times.

Hillman's fundraiser can be found online here