VICTORIA -- Local development company Jawl Properties is hoping to redevelop the Capitol 6 theatre site in downtown Victoria into a 10-storey office building.

Jawl, which has owned the property at 1221 Blanshard St. since 2015, applied for rezoning and development permits on Monday.

The proposed building would include retail and commercial space on the first three floors, and office space on the upper floors, as well as three levels of underground parking.

In addition to the retail space, the ground floor would include an "urban plaza," something that developers think would improve the space for pedestrians.

"We believe that the development proposal offers an opportunity to stimulate desirable activity on this key site in the heart of the downtown core and optimize the potential of a currently underutilized and pedestrian unfriendly block end," the company said in its application to the city.

Jawl adds that it would first look for local retailers, including restaurants and cafes, to fill the lower-level commercial spaces once ready.

In total, the 10-storey building would contain a gross area of 169,988 square feet, according to Jawl, and would have room for approximately 600 workers in its office spaces and 144 parking stalls in its underground parkade.

There is also room for bicycle parking, and room has been reserved for showers and other post-ride facilities.

Jawl Properties says it paid particular attention to its architecture design so that it complements nearby buildings, such as the Atrium, and allows for sightlines to the nearby St. Andrew's Cathedral.

"It's really finding that balance between a working design for a successful building, but fitting it – custom tailoring it – to the city so that it becomes a part of the fabric of the city and makes it better," said Erica Sangster, principal architect with D'Ambrosio architecture and urbanism.

The project, dubbed Capital VI by Jawl, is currently in the community consultation phase, with a formal development application going to the City of Victoria in August.