VICTORIA -- A lengthy ball python that was recently located in Victoria after being missing for weeks has gone missing once again, this time in the Saanich area.

Saanich police say the 1.4-metre snake went missing on Wednesday after it slithered out of a backpack while its owner was sleeping in the 800-block of Snowdrop Avenue.

The snake is now believed to be somewhere in the Marigold area of Saanich. However, police say that the python could be in a grassland or shrubland area, as that is where ball pythons tend to build habitats.

“It could also be very close to the area it was lost, as ball pythons are not very active,” said Saanich police in a release Thursday.

The snake had previously gone missing in the Victoria area on July 2. After roughly six weeks, it was discovered approximately three kilometres away from where it was lost in the 1100-block of Richardson Street on Aug. 12.

Saanich police say an investigation into the missing snake, which includes a review of if the snake is being properly cared for, is ongoing.

Anyone who spots the python is asked to contact Saanich police at 250-475-4321.

While the ball python is not venomous, police recommend that people use caution if they see the snake.